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JS API for Narrat

There are currently two commands that allow using JavaScript more directly in Narrat:

  • call_js_method: Calls a JavaScript method on the page.
  • run_js: Builds a function from an arbitrary snippet of JavaScript code and runs it, returning the result.

This is intended to be used in cases where you need to do something narrat scripting can't do, but don't want to bother adding a new command to the language via a plugin


Syntax: call_js_method [target] [method] [...args [optional]]

  • target [string|object]: The target object to call the method on. This can be an object, or a string that will be evaluated to an object. Examples: $myVariable, "document.body", "localStorage". Paths are evaluated in the context of the page, looking for the object in window.
  • method [string]: The method to call on the target object.
  • args [any]: Any number of arguments passed after the method will be passed to the JavaScript function being called too.


  var stuff (new Object)
  set stuff.hello "world"
  call_js_method localStorage setItem "test_js" (json_stringify $stuff)
  var stuff2 (json_parse (call_js_method localStorage getItem "test_js"))
  log $stuff2
  var canvas (call_js_method document createElement "canvas")
  call_js_method document.body appendChild $canvas
  set canvas.class "test"
  call_js_method $canvas requestPointerLock


Syntax: run_js [code]

  • code [string]: The JavaScript code to run.

The code will be built using Function, in the format return ${code}. This will generate a function returning whatever code returns. The command then runs this function and returns the result.

Released under the MIT License.