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The run script command is similar to jump, but it runs a label and at the end goes back to where it was before. This is useful to create behaviour similar to functions, allowing the creation of reusable labels containing chunks of logic you may want to use in multiple places.


It's important to understand the difference between jumping to a label and running a label.

Jumping will reset the virtual machine's stack to that label, and also save the game. It is meant for jumping to different sections of your game.

Running a label on the other hand just runs the code from that label and then continues on where it was, and it doesn't save the game.

For example:

  set data.counter 1
  jump functions_test

  run some_function
  talk player idle "Back to functions_test"
  run some_function
  talk player idle "We're back again"

  talk player idle "Ran the function %{data.counter} times"
  add data.counter 1

In this example when running functions_test, the script in some_function will be ran, then the execution comes back to do the rest of functions_test.


Note: Saving still only happens when jumping to a label, because being at a specific label is the only way to make sure a save file can keep working if the code of the game gets changed in an update.

Released under the MIT License.