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HUD Stats

HUD Stats are number values that automatically appear in the HUD at the top right of the screen and can be controlled via game scripts.

HUD Stats

HUD Stats config

    icon: img/ui/money.webp
    name: Money
    startingValue: 10
    minValue: 0
    icon: img/ui/energy.webp
    name: Energy
    startingValue: 10
    minValue: 0
    maxValue: 10

Stats are defined in the hudStats part of the config.

  • icon: path to an image to use as the icon for the stat
  • name: The name of the stat for display in the HUD
  • startingValue: The default value for the stat on a new save
  • minValue: How low this stat can go
  • maxValue: How high this stat can go



Released under the MIT License.