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Narrate command

The narrate command is used to let the "game" talk instead of a character. It is similar to the talk command, but takes no character or pose option.

It is also the command used when the shorthand text command syntax is used (when typing a string on a line directly with no command).


  • narrate "text" [delay] [autoadvance]

  • Or directly: "text" (delay/autoadance not possible with the shorthand syntax)

  • text: The actual line of dialogue to speak

  • delay [optional]: Delay in miliseconds before the continue button appears or the next line of dialogue is spoken

  • autoadvance [optional, true|false]: If true, the dialogue will automatically advance to the next line after the delay. If false (or not there), the continue button will appear after the delay


  narrate "Hi!"
  narrate "with delay " 2000
  narrate "With delay and auto advance waiting for text to print" 200 true
  narrate "With delay and auto advance not waiting for text to print" 0 true
  narrate "This is a normal line"

Released under the MIT License.