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Add Level

The add_level function in narrat increases the level of the player in a specified skill

Syntax: add_level [skillId] [amountOfLevels]

See the skills system guide to know more


    "Should we try jumping over a fence?"
    roll aSkillCheck agility 70 "Try jumping!" hideAfterRoll:
        "You graciously jump over a fence, hair blowing in the wind, and land in a heroic pose that would be used in a movie trailer."
        talk inner idle "Woo I did it!!!"
        add_level agility 1
        "You try jumping over the fence, but not high enough. You stab your toe against the fence and fall head first into a puddle of mud. It's also in the background of a tiktok a passerby was filming now."
        talk inner idle "Ouch!"

Released under the MIT License.