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Other math operations


Most of the functions below are implemented the same way as their counterpart in JavaScript, and often use it under the hood

Absolute numbers and negative numbers

  • abs [number] Returns absolute value for number (makes it positive)
  • neg [number]: Makes number negative

Keeping numbers between minimum and maximums:

  • min [number1] [number2]: Returns the smallest of the two numbers
  • max [number1] [number2]: Returns the biggest of the two numbers
  • clamp [min] [max] [value]: Returns value, or min if value is below min, or max if value is above max

Rounding numbers

  • floor [number]: Rounds [number] down to an integer (ie. 1.7 becomes 1)
  • ceil [number]: Rounds [number] up to an integer (1.2 becomes 2)
  • round [number]: Rounds [number] to nearest integer. 1.2 becomes 1, 1.8 becomes 2, 1.5 becomes 2, 1.49999 becomes 1


  • sqrt [number]: Returns square root of the number
  • ^ [base] [exponent]: Returns [base] to the power of [exponent]

Released under the MIT License.